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    October 25, 2013 at 1:30 am #1034

    Please advise what I need to do to ensure the services thumbs on the home page do not open in a new window… even though it appears to be set to target=_self in page source

    div class=”shortcode service >

    <div class=”thumb>

    <img alt=”service src=”>


    <h6 class=”title>

    <a target=”__self href=”/sitedev/hair/>Hair</a>


    <a class=”link target=”__self href=”/sitedev/hair/></a>

    Here is the home page code

    [service_wrap] [service title="Hair" thumb="" url="/sitedev/hair/"] [service title="Beauty" thumb="" url="/sitedev/beauty/"] [service title="Product" thumb="" url="/sitedev/product/"] [service title="Special Occasions" thumb="" url="/sitedev/special-occasion/"] [/service_wrap]



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